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Forgiveness is the cure for pain of the past


On a crisp winter night, my siblings, a few cousins and I were camped out in our living room dimly lit by the Christmas tree lights. Our peaceful slumber was abruptly disturbed when the front door came crashing in. Splintered wood from the door frame torpedoed through the air. The razor-sharp winter wind flushed throughout the living room, cutting through our thin blankets and pajamas. The only heat remaining came from the blazing fury of the hulking shadow stomping through the doorway. Continue Reading →

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Brian Herron: Embracing forgiveness and service



Brian Herron has lived and breathed the practice of forgiveness in his lifetime. It is only recently, after years of personal struggle, that he has made the choice to be free of the anger that often led him to destructive choices in life. Herron was raised in Kansas City in an all-Black community until the age of 15. As a boy he learned to fight, and while he knew it was wrong and his conscience bothered him afterward, he fought hard and often to prove he was tough. “The sad part is I wasn’t really tough. Continue Reading →

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