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Educator says help at home crucial to academic achievement



By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer


It’s said you can’t change the world but you can do something about the few square feet you occupy. Try telling that to educator-motivational speaker Daphne Brown, who utilizes both practical life experience and academic education to make a difference for African American youth. Her full professional title, Daphne E. Brown, M.A., M.A., EDD (2014), and the fact that she’s on the Upper Iowa University faculty needn’t throw you off. A refreshingly accessible, down-to-earth take on empowering the young, Brown’s thorough, enlightened curriculum is grounded in elemental nuts and bolts. “My concentration and dissertation,” Brown states, “[is] dedicated to making [Black children] successful academically.” There, of course, could not be a more crucial issue for Black America in general and Black Minnesota in particular. Continue Reading →

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