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Murder is acceptable when defined as war

If a man is free to beat his wife inside their home, and believes he is free from his violent capacity to do so, does this mean he’s now created a “beating zone” where beating this woman is acceptable as long as it is done within the “zone?”

Explain how a man gets a “war zone,” where he is free to kill and destroy and is not arrested for doing it from nothing more than the violent capacity to do so. Can a man acquire the freedom to beat a woman from nothing more than the violent wherewithal to do so? No! Yet a man can acquire the

freedom to kill and destroy in war from nothing more than the violent wherewithal to do so. This is war alone justifying itself, creating itself. Continue Reading →

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Blaming both drivers for fatal cop chase makes no sense

Sgt. Andrew Brumm of the State Patrol Major Crash Reconstruction Unit said he “found nothing in his investigation to indicate that the Minneapolis police officer Joshua Young saw the oncoming motorcyclist Ivan Romero.” So what does this tell us? It really tells us nothing except that maybe Young didn’t see Romero because he didn’t give himself enough time to adequately look. The Star Tribune November 15 article “No charges in fatal cop chase” says that according to the crash reconstruction report, the collision was the fault of both drivers.” If it was an SUV running a red light and a police officer on a motorcycle going through the green light, and the cop crashes into the SUV, it is safe to say the reconstruction report would not fault both drivers. Most of the blame for Romero’s death, which happened on the day of the Terrance Franklin killing, is being put on Romero. Continue Reading →

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One racist cop sets the tone for others

If the bystanders video, which includes an audio track of the Terrance Franklin killing is authentic, then the police’s version of what happened should sound something like “Franklin charged the officers in the basement and then used one of the officer’s guns to shoot two other officers in the legs, causing two other officers to shoot him to death…Oh yes, I forgot, during this encounter, one of our officers called him a freaking damn” add the “n” word. Chief Harteau, just last month after two racist incidents by off-duty police officers, said, “There will be no tolerance for this. If an officer knows of racism within the force and does nothing, that officer is also part of the problem.”

There were five officers in that basement, the other four all have kept quiet about the racism. That is a total of five officers the chief can add to her list as being part of the problem. The officer that used the n-word was making a power play, not just upon Franklin, but upon everyone in that basement. Continue Reading →

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Jury identified with Zimmerman’s, not Martin’s, fear




“The jury clearly believed that you have a right to defend yourself” said Jude Faccidomo, the former president of Miami’s Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers — Tribune, July 14. Is this really happening? Are they really saying such stupid things? How does Zimmerman acquire the right to defend himself over Martin’s right to defend himself? Faccidomo also said “When cases are so gray like this one was, self-defense really resonates because people can associate with being afraid.” Huh? Continue Reading →

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After 12 years of war, now political solutions?




A few years back, Obama was defending his continuation and escalation of the Afghan war. He said “Martin Luther King’s nonviolent approach would not work with the Taliban. There are some people who will only listen to violence.”

Fast forward to the present, “The Taliban and the United States said they will hold talks on finding a political solution to ending nearly 12 years of war.” Why now is Obama going to talk to these guys who will only listen to violence? Is it because Obama sees that he cannot win a violent contest known as war against the Taliban? Yes, that is why. Continue Reading →

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Honoring Emil Kapaun should reflect his commitment to nonviolent



Obama presented the nephew of the Rev. Emil Kapaun with the Medal of Honor, the highest military award for bravery. Rev. Kapaun died at the age of 35 in 1951, after spending six months in captivity during the Korean War. President Obama said, “This is the valor we honor today — an American soldier who didn’t fire a gun, but who wielded the mightiest weapon of all, a love for his brothers so pure that he was willing to die so that they might live.”

Is Obama talking about Kapaun’s love for his brothers on the North Korean team that was shooting at U.S. soldiers? Because that is what Kapaun was about; he loved and saw all men as his brothers, and that is why he would not pick up a gun. What Kapaun did is up there with Martin Luther King, Jr. and Henry David Thoreau, the great writer who refused to pay his taxes because of U.S. military violence and went to jail for it. Continue Reading →

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No wonder East African students say they don’t feel safe at school


We humans have been blaming and scapegoating the most vulnerable minority group among us for thousands of years: It’s an age-old tradition. I recently overheard a man say, “Yeah, the West Bank area in Minneapolis used to be a nice neighborhood, but then the East Africans moved in.”

Well, now he knows how Native Americans felt when the White man moved into Dakota Territory and ruined their neighborhoods. At least the newly arrived East Africans have come in peace and not forced us off the land and given us some desolate, windblown reservation in South Dakota to live on. When the police showed up at South High School to break up the “food fight,” students in the lunch room said the police only went after the East African students. The East African students took the full brunt of the police response. Continue Reading →

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If Mark Henderson had been White, he’d be alive


Those in control do an injustice to us all when they do not address the race factor when it comes to the killing of 19-year-old Mark E. Henderson, Jr. by three Woodbury police officers. No one will heal when taking this end-around approach. Let us get it out in the open, force a discussion. Henderson is dead because he was a young Black man, not because the Grand Jury review said “the three police officers acted properly when they shot and killed him” on August 31 at the Red Roof Inn (Star Tribune, January 25). He is dead because most of us, including the three police officers, cannot entertain the thought, imagine or comprehend that there could have been a young Black male hostage who was not a threat — not connected to the kidnapper’s behavior, though they were both Black — but terrified and running for his life. Continue Reading →

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Let’s turn the steroid talk to football



How many times have you seen Lance Armstrong defined as a “disgrace”? For me, I’ve seen it enough. This whole thing exposes more about us than him. What is all this rabid desire to destroy Armstrong — editorials have even said he was a bad boyfriend. What does that have to do with steroid use? Continue Reading →

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‘Rules of war’ expose FBI terror case as fraud


The FBI “terror case” that took place here in Minneapolis involving local young men who were recruited to fight in a “holy war” in Somalia in 2008 is finally over. It was said that it was one of the biggest cases ever by the federal government. This makes sense. It can be very time consuming making up evidence. The process used to show evidence of “terror” in this case was the same process used to show evidence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. When you are the most powerful entity on the planet, you get to send your agents to Somalia to dig up bodies looking for phantom evidence, while their drones buzz above them committing the real crimes. When the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press go along with this case of “terrorism” without questioning it, they are nothing more than state-run newspapers. The FBI has nothing. How could such a minor thing as these young men going to fight in a “civil war” in Somalia be such a big deal, be such a crime, especially when they are within the rights of international law? Continue Reading →

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