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Young playwright and director duo address ‘racial biases’ in Fringe play

Alex Giese and Kloie Rush-Spratt

By Charles Hallman
Staff writer


Kloie Rush-Spratt’s first play, Pecan Brown and the 7…’s, is about dealing “with a world full of racial biases.” Her one-act play is part of the 2014 Minneapolis Fringe Festival. Rush-Spratt explained that after watching a 2012 remake of Snow White got her thinking about why films can’t be more diverse. “I’ve always been thinking about racial biases in film and literature since the eighth grade,” she points out. Late last year, she proposed her idea for a play to address the film industry’s reluctance to produce more films that are culturally reflective of people like herself to BriAnna McCurry, both of whom are 2013 Minneapolis South High School graduates. “My sister told me to write a Fringe play. Continue Reading →

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Minnesota Fringe Festival presents 169 shows in Minneapolis

The Midwest’s largest performing arts festival opens July 31
MINNEAPOLIS – The Minnesota Fringe Festival, the Midwest’s largest performing arts festival, opens July 31 in 19 venues around Minneapolis. The festival will play host to 169 shows of live performance, with each show performing at least five times. The result is 878 performances, running concurrently throughout the 11-day festival. Size is not the festival’s only unique quality, however. Every show in the festival’s lineup is chosen by random lottery. Continue Reading →

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