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The Good Wife Works – Pecking orders appear to be a universal human condition

An unidentified young Black male resident of Frogtown told photographer Wing Young Huie, “It’s not just Black people. I know some Asians, and they got the mentality to kill somebody. It’s like everybody got their own little ‘hood.”

Studying history or even modern world news portrays this ‘hood, my ‘hood, your ‘hood as the propensity of the universal man. Witness this: John Steinbeck wrote, “When [he] thought of Chinese beauty the iron predatory faces of the Manchus came to his mind, arrogant and unyielding faces of a people who had authority by unquestioned inheritance.”

Witness this: Writer Edward Hoagland knew New Yorkers who spoke of Palestinians as if they were not quite human, as are the Roma (gypsy.) “All men and all races are the children of God…one cannot exterminate Gypsies or Jews because one considered them of an inferior race.” (Source: Bob Shacochis.)

Witness this: A Cuban father’s daughter says his only jokes about Puerto Ricans were racist. A Lakota warns that, “Ojibway dreaded Anisinabe who drove the Sioux out.” (Source: Jim Harrison.)

Or an Istrian who said, “I dream about that day when nobody will hate me because of the food I prefer, my memory, or the language I speak.” (Source: Slavenka Drakulic.)

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‘Free money’ for down payments offers homebuyers a LIFT


By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Free money — that’s what NeighborhoodLIFT Program Manager Kimberly Smith-Moore calls $15,000 in down payment assistance that’s being offered to eligible homebuyers. The down payment assistance can be applied to a mortgage loan with any approved lender. The program is a partnership between Wells Fargo, NeighborWorks America, Neighborhood Housing Services in Minneapolis and Community Neighborhood Housing Services in St. Paul. Wells Fargo is investing $9 million — $7.2 million for the $15,000 down payment assistance grants, $650,000 for educational events, and Minneapolis and St. Continue Reading →

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