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Movies, Media & More — Gil Noble: Passing of a Black TV news pioneer



By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer


Word of Gil Noble’s death stopped more than a few folk cold. Black journalism today is what it is — quality reporting — because Noble, Sue Simmons, Bob Teague, Carole Simpson and their contemporaries broached the field. In the late 1960s, African America had truly had enough of putting up with the same-old same-old — being treated like something stinks and needs to be flushed down the toilet. We raised pure hell from sea to shining sea, so rioting in cities that police guns, dogs, shields and batons were no longer enough to put us back in our proscribed place. It exposed this great, shining democracy on the world stage as a nation that failed to live up to its espoused commitment to freedom and equality for all its citizens. Continue Reading →

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Pioneering newscaster Sue Simmons got shafted



Once upon a time, before the early 1970s, there were even fewer Black faces in television news than there are now. Which is to say, everybody broadcasting the news was White. Then, as part of its response to coast-to-coast Black upheaval, in an effort to placate African Americans who were mad as a hell and not gonna take it anymore, authorities from the White House on down decided, man, we better toss these dogs a bone before we have to put down what’ll amount to the Second Civil War. So, you started seeing Gil Noble, Bob Teague and Ed Bradley bringing you the nightly news. Executives went so far as to, for good measure, throw in Black women like Carole Simpson (who moderated the 1992 presidential debate, the first woman or African American to do so) and my girl Sue Simmons. Continue Reading →

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