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Understanding how food affects the body


Happy New Year! I pray that my last column (MSR, Dec. 11) gave you insight into how to live healthier and longer by understanding three simple concepts, including increasing vegetable and water intake and decreasing complex carbohydrate intake. I was hopeful that you were able to start using the three concepts as you move into this new year. This month, I want to help you understand what happens when you eat food. Continue Reading →

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Diabetes rates have nearly doubled in 20 years

People of color especially at risk
The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) estimates that about 80,000 adults in Minnesota may have diabetes without knowing it. Given the seriousness of the disease, the Minnesota Department of Health is encouragingMinnesotans to ask themselves whether they are at risk for diabetes and to take steps to improve their health. The percentage of adults in Minnesota who are living with diabetes nearly doubled between 1994 and 2010, and these numbers under-represent the true number of people living with the condition. About 290,000 adults in Minnesota, or 7.3 percent, say they have been told by their healthcare team they have diabetes. National data show that only 75 percent of adults with diabetes know that they have the disease. Continue Reading →

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