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Scarce Black commentary on March Madness



By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Whether cable, regular television or satellite radio, it doesn’t matter when it comes to March Madness hoops coverage — it’s nothing but a media Whiteout. Call it March Monotony if you will. For every Tom, Dick (Vitale) and Mary, we get token appearances from Greg Anthony and Len Elmore, both of whom offer excellent insights but too often seem to be working on a word restriction edict from their employers. The same goes for Carolyn Peck and Vera Jones, who gives us “fit-in” analysis, which leaves us sadly exposed to mumbling others who sound like inexperienced Specs Howard Broadcasting School grads. And of course I’ll miss announcer Gus Johnson, now with Fox, and his genuine enthusiasm, leaving us instead with bad Mel Allen copycats. Continue Reading →

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