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Pay-for-pain scandal: Black athletes, journalists on NFL bounty-hunt allegations



By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


Former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has allegedly concocted a “headhunting” system for his defensive players: $1,000 if a player was carried off the field on a stretcher after a hit; $1,500 if a player just got hurt and left the game unable to play. Former NFL player Jack Brewer, who played on four NFL teams, including Minnesota, told the MSR Monday that the New Orleans bounty scheme was a well-known secret. “It’s nothing new — it’s always been there,” he recalls, vividly remembering what happened to then-Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre in the 2009 NFC championship game. Allegedly there was a $10,000 price on his head if someone took him out. If you recall, the host Saints treated Favre like a Timex watch that day; he took a bad licking and barely kept ticking as the Vikings lost in overtime to New Orleans. Continue Reading →

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