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Treating skin of color

Conclusion of a 4-part column



Most skin diseases occur in people of all nationalities, regardless of their skin color. Certain problems encountered in the skin are more common in people with different hues of skin, and sometimes a disorder seems more prominent because it affects skin color. This week concludes our review of these disorders and their treatments.  


Tinea capitis

Tinea capitis, also known as ringworm, is endemic in African American children. Any child with a scaling, itching scalp should be thoroughly investigated for tinea capitis. Continue Reading →

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Don’t stress the tresses in cold weather

Conditioning, protection help hair bear the winter

What is predictable, cold and lasts long? If you said a Minnesota winter, you got it right. You can feel the fall season in the air, temperatures dropping giving us cooler air that will ramp up quickly into our blustery winter very soon. Different seasons require different hair care techniques to maintain healthy hair. Cooler temperatures, dry air outdoors and dry hot air indoors can result in increased breakage to our hair. Continue Reading →

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Hair entrepreneur hooks up clients with esteem-building styles

Realistic Manes creates cuts that help stretch a buck
By Dwight Hobbes

Contributing Writer


Realistic Manes Hair Boutique & Salon Studio ( owner-proprietor-lead stylist Kanika Baker is, indeed, a motivated, self-made businesswoman successful in more ways than one. A current endeavor entails doing male models’ hair for Simply Fabulous One Accessory Boutique-Harold Pener Men of Fashion’s “First Annual Walk in the Park Fashion, Hair and Catwalk Extreme,” September 8 at St. Louis Park Recreation Center. It’s hardly her first show. “I like doing stuff like that,” she says. Continue Reading →

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Surprising pregnancy facts: body changes beyond your tummy


You expect your abdomen to grow during pregnancy — and perhaps your breasts, too — but the following physical changes may take you by surprise. As with many pregnancy changes, hormones and genetics play a major role in most of these changes in your looks.  

Thicker, more luxurious hair 

This is kind of an illusion. You’re not actually growing more hair, just losing less than you normally do. Everyone loses 100 or more hairs per day, but during pregnancy this rate slows down. Your body sheds hair much more slowly than it did before, causing a net gain and thicker, fuller looking hair. What to do: If thicker hair is desirable, enjoy it. If it’s making your mane more unruly than ever, ask your stylist to do some thinning at your next visit. Continue Reading →

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Sistah Owned Hauls: tresses and bling



Being on a natural hair journey has allowed many women to take an amazing path on their self-exploration process. We learn to uncover our inner creativity. It shows up in our desire and eagerness to be authentic.  

The use of being creative can also be a collaborative means of fostering unity, especially in the natural hair community. I ran across a “Canadian Curly” named Toni Daley. Continue Reading →

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