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Jim Allen’s street-walker reference to Ericka Harold reaches new low



The GOP: ever notice how close Grand Old Party is to the term ”good ol’ boys,” especially when it comes to racism? Sure you have. Well, in Illinois, Montgomery County Republican Party chair Jim Allen has outdone even their accustomed idiocy with his vicious, willfully ignorant character assassination of Erika Harold, who is challenging U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis for his congressional seat in 2014. Allen was pressured into resigning and gave a half-baked apology for the damage done by airing his moronic remarks disparaging Harold in terms it would never cross his mind to say were she a White woman. Indeed, had anyone said such cruelly demeaning things about his sister, or even a friend, he’d be ready to fight. Continue Reading →

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Blacks have a different agenda from Whites on gun control

Let me state what’s important to African Americans on the gun issue. White Americans who have invented the Black boogieman will never give up their guns that they feel will protect them from the American Black uprising, which has always been a myth, because all we have tried to do is stay alive in America. I will say yes, it’s true, our people have always stood up against injustice. We’ve always fought for freedom, justice and equality. But White Americans are trying to change the issue to mental health. Continue Reading →

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