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Excessive wealth for some creates extreme poverty for others

A Timothy Egan New York Times editorial (Dec, 22, 2013) talks about a Montana wheat farmer who gets $300,000 a year in federal subsidies. He spends a month in Hawaii. The title of the editorial is “Good Poor, Bad Poor.”

He also talks about a homeless girl named Dasani, who is “at the center of Andrea Elliot’s extraordinary series in the New York Times — a Dickensian tale for the modern age.” New York mayor Mike Bloomberg said of this homeless girl named Dasani, “the kid was dealt a bad hand, I don’t know why, that’s just the way God works. Sometimes some of us are lucky, and some of us are not.”

So what is it mayor, is it “God’s work,” or is it luck? As far as I can tell it is neither. Continue Reading →

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In a chilly Super Bowl XLVIII, it’s Seahawks vs. Broncos

HONOLULU — The first-ever non-conference Pro Bowl number 34 in Hawaii was won by Team Rice 22-21 in the lowest scoring Pro Bowl since 2006 when defense took center stage. The game was played in a steady rain in 70-degree temperatures. Because of the rain, there were eight turnovers, six interceptions and nine sacks. Players had a tough time getting a grip on the ball. The game was a turnover fest, but it was one of the most competitive Pro Bowls in recent years. Continue Reading →

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