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Hosmer Library 15th Annual Talent Show




Between recovering from the ravages of this summer’s storms and dealing with headline after headline about teens being shot by vigilantes or beaten by cops, some of us sure could stand to see our sense of community spirit get a good lift. Hennepin County Library’s Hosmer Branch and ace comedian/premier pitchman Fancy Ray McCloney have just what the doctor ordered. The 15th Annual Hosmer Library Talent Show is no place to go to be discovered by a music or movie producer. It is, though, a wonderful event that each year invites local men, women, and especially boys and girls to get up in front of folk and have a nice time showing what they can do. Amateur performers get to shine and those who come sit in the audience can take their minds off everything for the afternoon, bring their cameras (how much would you like to bet half the attendees are family and friends?) and have some good, home-grown fun. Continue Reading →

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Businesswoman specializes in customized strategies


By Robin James

Contributing Writer


For organizations that want to make a meaningful impact in the marketplace, equip a workforce with new skills, and get better at offering ideas that transcend genres and categories, it isn’t easy. Millennium Consulting Group’s president Yvonne Cheek is up for initiating a dialogue on the subject. At a glance, she is a strategic change consultant. Along with her colleagues at Millennium Consulting Group in Minneapolis, Cheek helps her clientele broaden and shape their ways of thinking about designing, launching and reaping the benefits of new initiatives. The North Carolina native taught at both elementary and junior high schools in Greensboro, N.C., and has taught at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and the University of Puget Sound, where she served as the chair of music education, in Tacoma, Washington. Continue Reading →

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Advertorial – Students look forward to what comes next







Congratulations, graduates! Each spring, our preschool students visit kindergarten classrooms to get a sense of what they can expect from the coming year’s big transition. They embrace their day-long challenge with a blend of trepidation and excitement, understanding on some intrinsic level that they are getting a glimpse of their future, seeing that it is close enough to touch. Although they may not have a full grasp of what is to come, they know that their lives are about to change. Each spring, our graduating seniors prepare for their own big transition. Continue Reading →

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