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Fight for ‘health equities’ went to state capitol

By Brandi Phillips

Contributing Writer


Until recently, health equities has not been a subject in Minnesota that has received a lot of publicized attention. It represents the goal of groups working to address the health inequities that are well documented between communities of color and Whites in Minnesota. The Ad Hoc Roundtable is a group made up of subgroups that are interested in fighting against health inequities. Some of the participants in the Roundtable include members of the Council on Black Minnesotans, the Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans, the Chicano Latino Affairs Council, the Cultural and Ethnic Communities Leadership Council, the St. Paul Chapter of the NAACP, MICAH, HIRE, Isuroon, the Organizing Apprenticeship Project, and the Minnesota Tenants Union. Continue Reading →

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Where’s the outrage over local Black unemployment?


Support HIRE’s campaign against Minnesota’s ‘economic apartheid’

The time for talking is past. Last year the Economic Policy Institute reported that the Black unemployment rate in the Twin Cities was as much as three and a half times that of Whites. According to their study, the worst unemployment disparity between Whites and Blacks in the entire United States exists right here in the Twin Cities metro area. The latest Labor Department job statistics reported that White unemployment was less than seven percent while Black unemployment stood at 22 percent. And since these stats are always a bit off and based on those still looking for work, it’s probably safe to assume that the unemployment rate for Black Twin Citians most likely exceeds 25 percent. Continue Reading →

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