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This board member breaks the mold

Old enough to advocate, young enough to still relate 

By Dwight Hobbes
Contributing Writer


You don’t meet LeAndra Estis so much as experience her. The svelte, diminutive dynamo, an enthused conversationalist, arrests your attention, bringing intelligence and passion to bear on whatever subject happens to be at hand. Good news: Estis is committed to the cause of affording disenfranchised, low-income Twin Citians tools and tactics to empower economic advancement. She is a board member of Community Action Partnership (CAP), a national agency dedicated the past 50 years to leveling the field for those who’ve been shunted to society’s sidelines. On top of which, the term “board member” generally brings to mind a stodgy, self-impressed stuffed blouse of fairly advanced age more concerned with being officious than being of actual effect.  At 31, energetic and outgoing, Estis breaks that mold. Continue Reading →

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