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Report estimates job growth in water treatment — Most jobs require less than a two-year degree




By Charles Hallman

Staff writer


Water is essential as both a source of energy production as well as a through treatment and distribution. According to a 2011 Green for All report, water shortages in the next five years are predicted in at least 36 U.S. states. And each year 250,000 water mains break in this country due to crumbling water infrastructure, which costs an estimated $2.6 billion dollars annually and wastes almost two trillion gallons of water. Also, 20 million Americans get sick each year from drinking contaminated water due to untreated waste, and clean drinking water supplies “are at risk of contamination and creeping privatization.” Improving America’s water infrastructure include addressing specific problems such as “polluted runoff,” continues the report. This water flows into gutters from roofs or from concrete surfaces that prevent rainwater from going into the ground and instead goes into sewer systems or directly back into rivers, lakes and streams. It also can accumulate pollutants such as oil and salts. Continue Reading →

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