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Cultivating patience

“Patience, like love, is one of the most powerful actions on earth. Much patience is required of us as we try to maneuver our lives, families and community away from a society whose predominant values seek to keep us divided and struggling.” — Mikkel Beckmen


Welcome, readers, to the “Starting Anew” column.  In this issue I will be touching on the issue of patience. I have not been good in this category, so I wanted to give focus as to how accomplishing patience can be beneficial to my life. During my time of incarceration, I had to learn patience; however, when I was released, I thought I would try to catch up on things I assumed I had messed up, be it with family, employment, finances, and other areas of my life. In many instances I would become frustrated, and my own self talk would deter me from wanting to finish achieving many goals. Continue Reading →

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Moving forward past fear and doubt to purpose


Fear is the opposite of faith; it can keep you enslaved and frozen, which will stop you from taking initiative or control of your life. — David Jeffries 

Hello, once again, to all of you who continue to follow the ”Starting Anew” column. In this article, I will be touching on the issues of fear, doubt and moving forward. As in my past articles I always try to ”keep it real” and not sugarcoat the areas of my life that have been and sometimes continue to be a struggle since my release from incarceration over three years ago. Whenever I experience setbacks in my life regarding my mental health as well as physical health, I tend to make some decisions that are not good and basically cause emotional hurt to people who care about me. Continue Reading →

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