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Hugo Chavez was worthy of respect



I asked some young Black people recently if they were familiar with Hugo Chavez. Unfortunately they weren’t, but I got their attention when I told them that he was the democratically elected president of Venezuela who had recently died after losing a bout with cancer. I told them that Chavez was a great man and truly a man of his people. I told them how Chavez had called out the Bush administration (he even called Bush the devil) and about how he had begun to use the resources of the Venezuelan people for the Venezuelan people and not for the benefit of their Yankee neighbor to the north: the U.S. ruling class. But when I told them that the U.S. government didn’t like him and that he had Black blood running through his veins and that he had grown up poor and as leader of his country didn’t forget his roots, they began to shake their heads and said, “Yeah, we need to learn about this dude.”

Of course the U.S. government, and capitalist governments in general, hated him because he would not allow them to run roughshod over his country. Continue Reading →

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