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The Department of Corrections may end the Power of People

Prisoners who lack a positive purpose in life or believe there isn’t any opportunity to pursue their purpose, often possess a “nothing to lose” attitude. These men pose a terrible danger to prison staff, other prisoners, and the community they may be released to. After losing the appeal of my conviction, I struggled with deciding whether or not I still had the responsibility or even the opportunity to pursue my purpose in life. Fortunately, I was inspired to transcend my confinement. I developed the belief that I was still significant and could achieve my life’s purpose of making a positive contribution to society. Continue Reading →

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Choose your hustle wisely — Self-reliant skills that even a child can learn


In the midst of this struggling economy, many use crime as an outlet for relief. The excuse of “I’m just trying to survive” is hollering out relentlessly as if it justifies the assault on the community, who is also “just trying to survive.”

At the start of this school year, an event occurred in St. Paul that made me acutely aware of just how absurd and unnecessary crime can be sometimes, even in a poor economy. A young mother set out on the task of teaching her nine-year-old daughter how to get her hustle on out on the block. The mother brought her daughter to a local connect to purchase some weight. Continue Reading →

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