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Second Harvest helps foodshelves triple their buying power

You’d be surprised how much good the smallest effort will do. For instance, consider the gift a couple bags of groceries can be when it comes to filling financial holes these days, as the economy keeps getting worse. In a household that’s still working, $30 worth of staples from the foodshelf means $30 that can go, for instance, to the still-rising price of gas for the car. Or it can cover a utility bill. Perhaps put a new pair of cheap, functional shoes on someone in the family’s feet. Maybe it can go toward the rent to help keep the proverbial wolf from jumping in the window. Continue Reading →

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Food shelves have become a necessity these days

Here’s some comparison-shopping, heads-up on a few places in S. Mpls

Jericho Road Ministries, 1628 East 33rd Street, from cheerful volunteers to a usually bleary-eyed Director Jeff Noyed, is a caring operation that goes the extra step to help. You’re always made to feel welcome from the moment you step in the door with no one looking down their nose because you happen to be in need of a helping hand. It’s all about faith-based fellowship. When resources permit, along with food, there’s aid with utilities, phone bills, bus cards. If they can’t help, they’ll provide a lead. Continue Reading →

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