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Inclusive candidates for Borton’s replacement



The news wasn’t even an hour old before a local daily newspaper posted on their website a list of possible candidates to succeed Pam Borton as Minnesota women’s basketball coach. Not one, however, of the eight current head coaches and six assistant coaches suggested for the position was of color. The Gophers probably hadn’t gotten back in town after last Thursday’s loss at South Dakota State before Minnesota AD Norwood Teague simply inserted the final date on Borton’s “Dear Jane” dismissal letter — the same type letter that former coach Tubby Smith received last year. Every time I saw Teague at a Gopher game during the season, he looked like he was just counting days, hours and minutes before he could zap her out. The former coach had been on shaky ground since last season. Continue Reading →

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Nelson Mandela was both Malcolm and Martin

Nelson Mandela, the icon who led the emancipation of South Africa from White minority rule and became South Africa’s first Black president, was both Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. He was an emblem of dignity and abstention. Imagine being jailed for 27 years, being humiliated and treated like dirt, and having your friends murdered systematically. Yet his incredible sense of purpose and strength is a lesson for a lifetime. I remember years ago meeting a man in flight who is not Black and has since become a friend. He was born in South Africa, finished school, and voted for Mandela for president. Continue Reading →

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Gophers rise up, beat Nebraska

The best football in town easily is being played on the campus of the University of Minnesota. I was at TCF Saturday to witness the 54th meeting between the Cornhuskers of Nebraska and the Gophers. After 16 straight losses dating back to 1963, the Gophers rallied from a 10-0 deficit and won their second straight game in the Big Ten 34-23, beating 25th-ranked Nebraska for the first time since 1960. Nebraska travels with a large following,

and it was clear that TCF Stadium had at least 15-20,000 Nebraska fans in the house. The Gophers’ success helped keep the Cornhusker fans quiet. Continue Reading →

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Twins turnaround indefinitely postponed

 After the annual media pre-season luncheon, Minnesota Twins GM Terry Ryan told the two MSR beat writers that the team had to turn things around this season. As it turned out, Ryan appears to have been directionally challenged. The 2013 Twins season concluded on Sunday with a crashing halt, losing their final six contests to finish 30 games below .500 (66-96), its third straight near-100-losses campaign in as many tries. This doesn’t show turnaround progress, but rather stuck-in-reverse regression. Although he has to take some responsibility, it certainly isn’t all Ron Gardenhire’s fault — the Twins on Monday extended his contract through the 2015 season. Continue Reading →

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Walter Bond credits Clem Haskins with making men of boys


Before he became a big-time motivational speaker, Walter Bond played big-time hoops at Minnesota (1988-91) and played three NBA seasons. After an appearance last week at the North Community YMCA as the featured speaker at its business speaker series (Bond’s remarks are featured on the Metro page of this week’s edition), he told the MSR, “Clem Haskins was a phenomenal leader — he was the one who told me to be a motivational speaker. The one thing that I respect and love him for is [that] at age 18 he had an amazing impact on me not only as an athlete but also as a person. He turned me from a little boy to a man. He could do things that probably my dad couldn’t do because he had a different role.”

After he retired from basketball, Bond said he tried entering the business world but was routinely turned away. Continue Reading →

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Black student-athletes grad rates ‘nothing to applaud’ — ‘Corporate business’ culture produces profits, exploits students


By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer



University of Minnesota Black male student-athletes are graduating at 50 percent or better for the first time in five years, though a significant graduation gap still exists between them and their White counterparts. For Black women, however, the gap widens. The NCAA 2012 Graduation Success Rate (GSR) report in October noted that all U-M student athletes who entered either as first-time freshmen, entered at mid-year or transferred into the school from 2002-2005 are graduating at 83 percent. Yet, Minnesota’s Black male graduation rate is 55 percent, and 67 percent for Black females, while White males and females graduate at 79 percent and 95 percent respectively. The NCAA created the annual GSR report released each fall in 2005 to more accurately reflect actual graduation rates. Continue Reading →

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The toughest game of a career – Gophers college football seniors exit the field for junior student-athletes



By Kenneth Foxworth

Contributing Writer


The hardest time of the year for senior student-athletes is the last game of their college career. This, after the five years of investing their hearts, souls, minds and countless hours into the University of Minnesota through its football program. Yesterday, when these matriculating seniors ran out onto the field amid smiling parents, faculty and fans, cheering for them for the last time at TCF Stadium, they did so with full knowledge that they would never again don the Gophers’ maroon and gold against an opponent. This past Saturday, nine African Americans — Gary Tinsley, Da’Jon McKnight, Troy Stoudermire, Shady Salamon, Kim Royston, Eric Lair, Johnny Johnson, Anthony Jacobs and Duane Bennett — completed their journey through the University of Minnesota, one of the most elite universities in the Midwest region.  
Kim Royston (Number 3) and family    Photo courtesy of U of M

“It was a great feeling winning our last game,” Brandon Kirkesey said in reference to the Gophers’ 27-7 win over Illinois. Continue Reading →

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