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There’s nothing else quite like Black college football

I’ve attended my share of Gopher football games over the years, but those games are mostly anti-climatic and the home school band painfully plays the same tired old songs. I have yet to see in person a Black college football game, but a good friend of mine tells me once you go Black (college football), you don’t go back. “Unlike major college football, Black college football is the African American pastime,” states Mark Gray, who broadcasts HBCU games for the Heritage Sports Radio Network.  It “is part cultural, part show. It touches a place in your soul that you didn’t know was there until it gets there.”

Black college bands and their halftime shows are as much an integral part of Black college football as the teams. “I know a lot of people want to see those bands as part of the overall [Black college] experience,” says Gray. “At major college games, people leave [their seats] at halftime to get their refreshments. Continue Reading →

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Abuse cover-ups jeopardize public’s trust



PHOENIX — So much is going on in sports, and it’s happening so fast, and it’s both good and bad. This column will focus on the bad. Leading the bad is the revolting shock waves upon learning of Penn State and the massive sex abuse scandal of Jerry Sandusky, former defensive coordinator for ex-Penn State head coach Joe Paterno’s two National Championship teams. Sandusky faces charges of 40 counts of sexually abusing young boys. Penn State fired Paterno and the university’s president. It is the most disturbing scandal of institutional control in our lifetime, how White educated grown men tried to cover up this scandal by simply turning their heads. Continue Reading →

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Sixteen reasons why JoePa should have done the right thing

The philosophy in America has always been that one is innocent until proven guilty. Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno are clearly poster children for that doctrine or its failure, depending on how you look at it. Penn States seems to have a culture where children are sacrificed, where legality (“I reported.”) trumps morality (“I followed up.”). Leave no doubt in anyone’s mind: This is an ugly situation. There are enough mysteries going around that if Alfred Hitchcock were still alive he could make three movies out of this: a county DA who received the report nearly a decade ago and then disappeared, never to be heard from again; riveting testimony before the grand jury of sexual abuse and failure to apply the law (and in fact failure to even report allegations of sexual abuse; it was a mother who stepped forth, not the men). Continue Reading →

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