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Who is the ‘The Retention Strategy’?

Mpls trio create dynamic fashion event
By Julia Toles

Contributing Writer


Let’s start with Ashley Johnson, known as “The Face” of Retention Strategy, who comes to Minneapolis by way of Detroit. Born and raised in the Motor City, she has always had a passion for community and has longed to instill social and academic events into various communities. Johnson has achieved this by creating a healthy environment for her peers and functions to inspire young individuals and encourage them to also do the same. Madia Willis, another third of the Retention Strategy, hails from Washington, DC and is known as “The Designer.” She once owned a clothing line called Biribelle that was infused with African fabric and a touch of vintage feel. She uses her talents to prove and encourage that the mind can achieve anything it is set on. Continue Reading →

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Baseball offers a third option for athletic success



Baseball has existed for over a century, but among inner-city children it’s almost non-existent. Why isn’t this sport as popular as football and basketball, especially given baseball’s potential to offer the successful player both a very lavish lifestyle as well as a long playing career? Frank White, the Minnesota Twins Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) coordinator, believes the love of sports, no matter what type of sport, often is nurtured at home. He surmised that for many inner-city children, their parents probably grew up around basketball and football, so that it is probably what they will talk about or watch on television during family time. “Most children will be interested in what they are exposed to in their homes,” he pointed out. Continue Reading →

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Sports’ greatest value may be as builder of character



What is the definition of a sport? It is, most basically, an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others. However, sports extend far beyond that basic definition because of the amount of dedication and time it takes to perfect sports performance, especially when I think of professional sports, and its value extends far beyond the competitive sphere. The amount of guidance, discipline, patience, and work ethic it takes to play a sport at a professional level is insane. However, there are many young, talented and eager individuals who yearn for the lifestyles of professional athletes while having no idea what it takes to attain and maintain that lifestyle. Continue Reading →

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The ins and outs of player trades



The MSR is happy to introduce a new voice on our sports page, that of Julia Toles. Julia describes herself as “a writer, future producer, and driven young lady who is trying to be the voice of the unheard. I am a firm believer that so much can be learned through stories and listening. My passion for telling stories through the written word is what drives me daily. I hope that you enjoy the ride as I report the truth, delve into the ugly, and stay persistent in honesty!”

Introducing a new MSR sports columnist:

Welcome to the world of “Julia Says.”


Have you ever wondered why in the world of sports there is such a thing called trades? Continue Reading →

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