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Washburn Black doll-hanging incident stirs outrage


By Mel Reeves

Contributing Writer


The hanging of a Black doll by four Washburn High School students on January 11 created quite a furor at the school and in the Minneapolis Black community. A press conference was called last week and held at the MSR in Minneapolis by parents and community members, in which they expressed their hurt “that this kind of thing is still going on” and the desire to see that the perpetrators disciplined by the school. In a statement read at the press conference, participants said that this is a “needed opportunity to discuss and examine our collective perceptions of safety.” The group also pointed out that it was important to use this as an opportunity to teach students and staff about what is okay to say and do racially and what is not. Last Wednesday a community meeting was held at Washburn in which hundreds attended, primarily students. Parents and community members were concerned initially about the incident being swept under the rug and were alarmed about what appeared to be a delay in informing the students and parents about what occurred. Continue Reading →

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