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Threads Dance Project director speaks truth to spirit

She wants audiences to leave iDENTiTY uplifted

By Dwight Hobbes


Contributing Writer


You don’t need to be a dance aficionado, or even be particularly fond of the art form, to understand and appreciate where visionary choreographer-dancer Karen L. Charles is coming from. Artistic director at Threads Dance Project (TDP), she firmly believes in expanding dance beyond the conventional pigeonhole as just a performance vehicle, a venue in which technical proficiency is the priority. For her, although the essentials of technique are fine, cultural, personal and spiritual expression add vital dimensions. “The feedback I get from audience members,” Charles reflects, “is that dance speaks to people’s spirits.” She says of dance in general, “Moments of beauty, those moments of inspiration [are important]. Art is the keeper of the culture, a catalyst of the culture.”

You can go to www.threadsdance.org and read her intent to “speak the truths of the human condition through dance and have the audience experience those truths through the dance performance. Continue Reading →

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