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The August strategy: Immigrant rights activism heats up





By Elena Shore

Contributing Writer


About 40 leaders of immigration reform advocacy organizations were arrested Thursday, August 1, on Capitol Hill. The group was there as part of a protest aimed at pressuring the House GOP into passing an immigration reform bill with a pathway to citizenship. Taking a page from young undocumented immigrants, or Dreamers, nine of whom were arrested along the Arizona border last week, the veteran activists blocked traffic along a street adjacent to the Capitol while chanting a slogan popular among Dreamers: “Undocumented, unafraid!”

The action came a day before Congress members leave Washington, D.C. for their August recess. It kicked off a series of demonstrations, town hall meetings and events that are being planned by immigrant rights advocates during the month of August. The goal, according to Angela Kelley, vice president of immigration policy for the Washington, D.C.-based Center for American Progress, is to use the August recess to gain so much momentum in support of immigration reform that “when they come back, there’s an air of inevitability” around settling the issue. Continue Reading →

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A political Ponzi scheme: The fix was in with 2012 election


Shell-shocked Republicans are asking “What happened?” as they lick their wounds and offer recriminations and finger pointing regarding who to blame for losing the election. They are the Bernie Madoff Ponzi-like schemers, losers asking what happened. Were they suckers? Can they get a refund? It was like putting money in a paper bag and passing it to campaign collectors. Continue Reading →

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Like father, not like son: George Wilcken Romney vs. W. Mitt Romney



As I watch all of the millions of dollars pour into the negative campaign ads on television on both side of the aisle, I wonder what would happen if both candidates just had a meeting with each other and said, ”Let’s just stop all of this negativity and pool these dollars and put our constituents back to work and let the chips fall where they may. Let the folk decide who the leader of our free world should be.”

Since I turned 76 years old July 10, and since the Republicans could care less about what I think, I may as well just shut up and write my story. Well, I will take a portion of that remark back. There is one Republican in this town who cares about what we think, and that is Sheriff Rich Stanek. (He is the only Republican my family allows me to vote for.)

But my story is about the honesty of a Republican father and the deception of his Republican son. Continue Reading →

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