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North Mpls rental property owners refute slumlord label

Property owners place responsibility for code violations on problem renters
By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer

City landlords Keith Malmer and Mahmood Khan both do not see themselves as “slum landlords” simply because the majority of their properties are located on Minneapolis’ North Side. They insist they are making the best effort they can to select good tenants and maintain the properties. “I like to think I’m being pro-active with the houses I own and manage,” said Malmer, who began acquiring foreclosed and auctioned properties in the early 2000s. “Given my limited financial resources, I’m spending every dollar I got to make sure my properties are kept up the best I can. It’s a real strategy to make sure that you are taking care of the basics, and hopefully make things as nice as possible at the same time.”

“I am buying older properties, fixing them up, making them look good for the neighborhood,” said Khan. Continue Reading →

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