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Local talk-show producer redefines the word ‘frugal’



Keith Porter has found a way around today’s affordable housing crisis. He saves a bundle by forgoing a place of his own. He floats. “I crash with friends. And, when [business] slows down, have a girlfriend I can stay with.”

This is not your conventional instance of being homeless. Continue Reading →

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Knuckleheads deserve love too



Corny as it might sound, some people are just born to give. They have a big hearts that way, and a big heart appears to be what draws Kelechi Javaaid to work with youngsters. “Kids,” he says, “need a role model. They need somebody to kind of give them some wits about life. It’s a great pleasure to help out in that way.”

As a consultant to the Minneapolis Public Schools system and charter institutions over the past seven years, including Dunwoody Academy High School, Edison High School and North High, Javaaid has conducted creative writing classes and workshops utilizing poetry and spoken word, encouraging students to express themselves a bit more constructively than they may be used to. 

He’s often called in to handle classes where the kids don’t customarily gravitate to academics and, in fact, can be quite a challenge. Continue Reading →

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