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Living, surviving and thriving with a disability

Living (the early years)

Part two of a series


 Many of you may be wondering what my disability is. The medical term for my disability is “left side hemiplegic.”

Simplified, I am partially paralyzed on my entire left side. My left leg is two inches shorter than my right leg. The shorter leg causes a noticeable limp. Until my thirties, my left arm was bent at the elbow and wrist. Continue Reading →

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Living, surviving, and thriving with a disability


 Living (the early years) 

I am in the middle of my fifth decade of life. I acquired my disability at the age of two and one half years old. Living with a disability is a mighty challenge for anyone. My disability happened early in my life, so I have always been a member of the disabled community. Identification as a “person with a disability” is a relatively new development/stage of disability. Continue Reading →

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Can Minneapolis taxpayers afford the CRA?



Is it too expensive for the average citizen?  

The Star Tribune story “New names, old pains on Minneapolis police review panel,” February 20, 2012, reported on what we have reported on for a decade: the slow, continued collapse of the Civilian Review Authority (CRA) and, by extension, the collapse of its parent, the Civil Rights Department (CRD). Thus words in the story were not a surprise to us: “ranks depleted…investigative staff overwhelmed…recommendations routinely ignored,” with the CRA “far weaker” in its investigation “of complaints against the police.”

We know that the quality of professional investigation in the CRA leaves a lot to be desired. We understand why the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Chief Tim Dolan thinks the CRA is incompetent. This is one the dark holes that the Rybak administration needs to be concerned about falling into. Continue Reading →

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