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One Black man’s path to an NFL executive suite

According to The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (TIDES), there are nearly 30 high-ranking Black National Football League team executives: seven general managers and 22 vice-presidents. The MSR recently talked to one of them during an appearance at Oak Park Center in North Minneapolis. 

Kevin Warren’s original plans were to be in Minnesota for a year or so. “I helped [the present Minnesota Vikings ownership group] buy the team, and they asked me to come and work here,” admits Warren, who then was living and working in Phoenix. “But this is my 10th season in Minnesota and my 16th season in the NFL.”

It isn’t the first time Warren, the highest ranking Black team executive working on the business side of things in the NFL, reached a change-of-plans crossroad. The youngest of seven, Warren was born in Phoenix, Arizona. Continue Reading →

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Abusers not restricted to Black athletes


The average American sports fan typically is quick to judge, uses broad moral brushes in drawing conclusions, has selective ant-length memories, and vainly displays outrage whenever a Black person does something negative, whether speculative or not. The most recent example is right here in so-called progressive Minnesota, where last week both the governor and a U.S. senator decidedly made it political: Even if he’s found not guilty of child abuse charges, Adrian Peterson has been O.J.’d for life. Children of all races are abused every day, upon which both Gov. Mark Dayton and Senator Al Franken have been noticeably silent. But when Peterson was indicted for possibly abusing his young son with a

spanking, the two men who are running for reelection this November made an appeal to White women voters by calling for Peterson to be suspended, which the Minnesota Vikings last week backpedaled into doing. U of M Professor Oliver Williams, a noted expert in domestic abuse issues, told us last week, “My question [is] why were they asking [that Peterson] lose his job. Continue Reading →

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Peterson case puts domestic violence in media spotlight

National conversation highlights Black victimizers, yet overlooks victims
By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer

Domestic violence or child abuse isn’t just being done by Black NFL players — it’s a society problem that needs addressing, said the Minnesota Vikings’ highest ranking Black front office executive. The Adrian Peterson child abuse allegations is the latest in over 40 NFL players this year involved in domestic violence legal cases. Reportedly the player left bruises on his young son after spanking him. He is now suspended with pay, and his court appearance is scheduled for next month. The National Football League last week announced that each team, including its players, coaches and other club personnel, soon “will participate in education sessions” on domestic violence and sexual assault. A new “player conduct policy” also is being designed, and the league has brought in consultants as well. Continue Reading →

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Carol Fitzgerald Memorial Fund, Year X does it again!


Amazing — we’re blessed to recognize that we have been given another day to try and get our lives straight. It really hits you when you look up and realize it’s been 11 years since April 10, 2003, the day Carol Fitzgerald died of breast cancer. This past weekend, the 10th annual Carol Fitzgerald Memorial Fund (CFMF) celebrated the legacy of Carol’s life with the benefit at the Metropolitan Ballroom Friday night in Golden Valley and the celebration of her life and work Saturday at Martin Luther King Center in Minneapolis. It’s not easy asking people you know and don’t know to trust you and help you with raising money and taking their time to benefit others. But that is what we are about with the Carol Fitzgerald Memorial Fund. Continue Reading →

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August 20, 2013: stadium day of judgment — Doug Mann takes on the State of Minnesota



“Let’s kill all the lawyers” is a misunderstood quotation from Shakespeare. The character in the play wanted lawyers who would create chaos and unrest so he could become king. The character was referring to killing attorneys and judges who stood for justice in society, those who would follow the law. So what kind of lawyers are “the big three,” Kevin Warren, NFL Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota’s Attorney General Lori Swanson, and Minneapolis City Attorney Susan Segal? None protested the violation of the City’s charter requirement that mandates a public referendum for any expenditure of over $10 million for any professional sports facility. Continue Reading →

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Stadium contract under negotiation — Civil Rights Dept. monitors contractor and worker inclusion



It appears the Minnesota Vikings will sign off in the next 30 days on the contract for monitoring hiring compliance on the construction of the Vikings’ stadium. It is rumored that Viking General Council Kevin Warren will handle the final say for the Vikings (Warren, a member of the Stadium Equity Review Panel, is the highest-ranking Black American business executive with an NFL team). The negotiations between Alex Tittle, equity director for the Sports Facility Authority overseeing the Vikings stadium construction, and the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights (MDCR) have been going on for at least two weeks, as of the writing of this column. Why are they being held in secret? The selection of the Minneapolis Departmentof Civil Rights (MDCR) to monitor hiring compliance raises troubling questions, which I assume the Authority’s and Vikings’ attorneys are examining. Continue Reading →

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Equity director hired for Vikings stadium project

For communities of color, he is now the most significant player

Congratulations to Alex Tittle on being appointed equity director for the Vikings stadium by the Minnesota Sports Facility Authority (MSFA), as announced Friday, June 14. Welcome, Mr. Tittle, to an historic task. A nine-year Army veteran (company commander and platoon leader) and interim director of the Office of Civil Rights, MN Department of Transportation, Mr. Tittle, will now be the most significant player on the Minnesota civil rights stage. I urge Mr. Tittle to read the results of my research as reported in this paper regarding the lack of diversity, equity and fairness in Minneapolis and Minnesota hiring (archived on my website). I urge Mr. Tittle to hold hearings, as authorized by the stadium legislation, in order for all to see whether plans submitted regarding equity commitment execution are actually followed. Continue Reading →

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Lights out: Ravens 34-31 over 49ers



NEW ORLEANS — Strange things have been known to occur in New Orleans: beads flowing from balconies, Mardi Gras, Hurricane Katrina, Bounty Gate, and much, more. This year’s Super Bowl added one more strange thing to the city’s list. The Baltimore Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII 34-31 over the San Francisco 49ers. Ray Lewis and the Ravens defense stopped the 49ers from taking it with a gutsy goal-line stand with just minutes left in a 34-29 game. The dramatic goal-line stand completed one of the most exciting-bizarre-thrilling finishes in Super Bowl history. Continue Reading →

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