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Major League Baseball on the lookout for Black talent




According to the latest data, 20 percent of Major League Baseball (MLB) Central Office executives are Blacks or people of color. Three of them recently were in town during the Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) World Series. Since 2008, Wendy Lewis has been the highest ranking Black female as senior vice president of Diversity and Strategic Alliances. Thomas Brasuell is vice president of MLB Community Affairs. David James became the first full-time director of the 22-year-old RBI youth baseball and softball program in 2008. Continue Reading →

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Black & Single Blues, by Dwight Hobbes



Life without Lesli was, any way you sliced it, a losing proposition. Sleep, forget about it. It took all the courage he had — frankly, not a lot — to lay on the bed where they’d made love. After the first few nights of tossing, turning, twisting in the sheets, eyes closed with his mind wide awake, he gave up and started laying on the sofa, watching the television until late at night the television wound up watching him. Luis and Gerry both told Keith the best thing was to throw himself into work. Continue Reading →

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The chief reaches out — Harteau meets with Black officers



The last couple of months have been challenging for the administration of Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau. She is showing she can meet challenges and seek solutions. The incidents embarrassing to the department — in Apple Valley, Minnesota, Green Bay, Wisconsin, downtown Minneapolis, the shooting death of Terrance Franklin, etc. — show how the rank and file have become their own worst enemy, creating problems for the department, seeding suspicion in communities of color, and reducing their credibility in White communities. Chief Janeé Harteau’s recent decision to reach out to Black officers in her department showed she is developing a keen understanding of why and how to bring everyone to the table, demonstrating growth and maturity. Continue Reading →

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Why I don’t call the police



In a Minneapolis Police Department squad car, this morning: crowded by claustrophobia-like cowardice on a battlefield, reflect on how one can do right and still go wrong. Years back, assaulted on the sidewalk. Call 911. Squad car comes. Describing the assailant, am interrupted, ”Show me I.D. What’re you doing out here? Continue Reading →

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We need a change



By Marian Wright Edelman

Guest Commentator


“Dear President Obama . . . Guns are really easy to get and people think they need them to protect themselves, but most times they’re showing off and making more problems and adding to the violence… 7 people are too many to lose and I don’t want to see another one of my friends, or even myself gone. We need a change.”

In mid-July, students at Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools summer enrichment sites across the country participated in a National Day of Action. Continue Reading →

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Rolling up our sleeves to take on the achievement gap



By Katrice Albert

Guest Commentator


It’s not surprising to hear Minneapolis/St. Paul has one of the widest student education achievement gaps — between children of color and White children — in the United States. It’s a ranking we can’t wait to shake, just as quickly as we can, for good. Doing so requires hard work on many fronts: rolling up our sleeves, listening, partnering and leading. That’s why the University of Minnesota is working with schools, school districts, parents, families, teachers and students to address this issue on many fronts. Continue Reading →

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Do NFL owners get free racketeering passes?



Having grown up in Chicago, I think I know a thing or two about racketeering and fraud. Have you heard of Al Capone? The National Football League, the game we love, has two franchise owners, one in each conference, who are in deep trouble with the feds. Cleveland Browns’ owner Jimmy Haslem has since April been under investigation by the FBI for his involvement and ownership in Pilot Flying J. Several of his employees have already been arrested, and lawsuits are piling up. The Vikings shared ownership of Zygi, Mark and Leonard Wilf was recently slammed by a New Jersey Judge for violating state racketeering laws and using fraudulent bookkeeping practices. Continue Reading →

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RBI reporter’s notebook



By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


For the third consecutive year, the MSR was the only local media at both the 2013 RBI Baseball and Softball World Series. As a result, we had unencumbered access to the players, coaches and officials to provide virtually exclusive coverage. “It’s disappointing that more media hasn’t jumped on board to cover this event,” bemoaned Minnesota Twins RBI Coordinator Frank White. “The players are a lot more talented than what people are giving them credit for.”


The eighth is greatest 

Atlanta entered this year’s softball world series with seven titles, the most of any RBI team. Their eighth came last week, thanks to Manager Richard Lee’s effective managing of his shorthanded club. Continue Reading →

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