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Beauty Exxtreme showcases full figures in fashion



Local company puts plus-size women, big-and-tall men on the runway


By Jamal Denman

Contributing Writer


In American media and advertising outlets everywhere, there are images of tall, freakishly thin, fair-skinned women that are intended to represent the ideal model of beauty all females are constantly told in one way or another they should strive to emulate. Most people do not fit the description of the model that is often presented. People come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and shades; even those that can be described as tall, thin and fair-skinned usually look nothing like the professionally styled and digitally enhanced images seen on screen and in print media. This current situation is the reason why Nena McAlister started Beauty Exxtreme, a company dedicated to promoting alternate versions of beauty standards and building the self-esteem of those who are rarely represented or recognized in media, advertising or fashion. While McAlister wants to help promote everyone who feels underrepresented by the media and fashion industries, her focus is on plus-size women and big and tall men. Continue Reading →

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