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Ten signs you are ready to start your own business

It’s Monday morning, the alarm sounds, and you sigh because the week begins again. Yes, you like your job, but for some reason you celebrate when it’s Friday and never look forward to Monday. Maybe you need a side business to jump-start your energy. Perhaps you need to start your own business. Maybe you are just unhappy with your current position or just need a drastic change in life. Continue Reading →

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Businesses you can start with little or no money

It’s Monday morning, 7 am, and your alarm is buzzing. You hit the snooze button too many times, rush through your morning dress ritual, and then rush out the door to your job. It doesn’t matter whether or not you like your job, because all that matters is that you receive your paycheck. What if you arrive at work one day and you are notified that your company has to downsize and your job will end in two weeks? What will happen to you and your family? Continue Reading →

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Transforming your passion into a second income stream

Introducing a new column:








All of us have the ability to become successful. It requires dedication and hard work, which is contained in each and every one of us. Do you have a passion or perhaps a hobby or something that you enjoy? Do you have a talent, training or skill? Are you ready for an additional stream of income or are you ready to launch a new business? Continue Reading →

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