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Kwame McDonald: Why so many will miss him so much

If one wanted to get in line to share their thoughts about the late Kwame McDonald, whose columns appeared weekly on the MSR sports pages for over two decades, their patience would be sorely tested because of the long wait. “Kwame was one of the first people I met when I got to campus,” recalls Minnesota Women’s Coach Pam Borton, who is in her 10th season. She spoke to me shortly after he died on October 26. “He has meant a lot to girls’ basketball, especially in the St. Paul area,” continued Borton. Continue Reading →

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‘Befo’ I fly away…’: the last words of Kwame’s wisdom



Editor’s note: This is Senior Columnist Kwame McDonald’s final column as told to Staff Writer Charles Hallman last month. 

Wize Owl is an old man who defines himself as an Afrikan in America, because he has not been afforded the rights of an American. He is concerned about the status of Black people in America and has for several years been in dialogue with Brother Kwame.  

Wize Owl: Bro’ Kwame, you has been so faithful, workin’ in dis community for oh, so many years. You ask me so many questions. Now, I’d turn da tables and it is I who’d be askin’ da questions today. Continue Reading →

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