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Twins’ diversity talk seems mostly for show




A new movie on the life of Jackie Robinson premieres Friday. It has support from people in high places. “We think that everybody in this country needs to watch this movie,” advises First Lady Michelle Obama on the movie 42 after she and her husband, President Barack Obama viewed a private screening last week at the White House. The first of several Minnesota Twins “Diversity Days” will be Monday April 15, the day Major League Baseball (MLB) annually honors Robinson’s major league debut in 1947. “It was an important and powerful moment in baseball when Jackie Robinson broke in with the Brooklyn Dodgers,” recalls Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig. Continue Reading →

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Let’s turn the steroid talk to football



How many times have you seen Lance Armstrong defined as a “disgrace”? For me, I’ve seen it enough. This whole thing exposes more about us than him. What is all this rabid desire to destroy Armstrong — editorials have even said he was a bad boyfriend. What does that have to do with steroid use? Continue Reading →

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