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Ugly America rears its head with Olympic coverage — Mel Reeves


Like referees who bring attention to themselves, the U.S. big-business press, along with the color commentators with their unbalanced, intrusive and unfavorable coverage of African and AfricanAmerican athletes during the London Olympics,brought shame upon themselves and their craft. Truth is, they can’t help themselves; many are the beneficiaries of an uneven playing field themselves. Many of them went to the best schools and were afforded the best opportunities, yet they allow themselves to believe the worst propaganda and narratives about people of color. The proof of this was in the coverage. These Olympics were also a stage for U.S. propaganda. When Uganda was mentioned, the press chose to talk about Idi Amin rather than the colonial rampage that left the country ripped off, unstable, and open to despots. When the Grenadian athlete Kirani James was mentioned, they repeated the lie that the U.S. had liberated Grenada when in fact they worked with criminals to overthrow the elected government of Maurice Bishop. Continue Reading →

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