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Letter to the Editor: Persecutor of Malcolm X’s daughter to be next Minnesota supreme court justice — What’s wrong with this picture?



Governor Dayton has decided to appoint David Lillehaug to a seat on the Minnesota Supreme Court. I wish he wouldn’t. David Lillehaug is not entitled to be addressed as ”Your Honor” or ”The Honorable Justice” because his public record is stained with an ineradicable dishonor. I’m referring to his decisions and actions as U.S. Attorney in Minnesota, especially his role in the 1995 frame-up and legal persecution of Ms. Qubilah Shabazz, daughter of the late El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, who was known in history as Malcolm X.

Mr. Lillehaug brought a bogus indictment against Ms. Shabazz, charging her with ”conspiracy” to murder prominent Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan. When the alleged case against Ms. Shabazz was exposed by journalists and by her lawyer William Kunstler as an example of the worst kind of FBI abuse and corruption, Lillehaug refused to dismiss the case and pressured Shabazz to plead guilty to a token minor charge. Continue Reading →

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Keith Ellison deserves his own Fox ‘News’ program

By Isaac Peterson

Guest Commentator 

[Editor’s note: The MSR welcomes back its former staff writer with timely observations on Congressman Ellison’s controversial run-in with talk-show host Sean Hannity.]


If you don’t keep up with political Internet blogs, you might have missed a huge story that had left-leaning bloggers laughing and cheering and many bloggers on the right clutching their pearls and looking for a fainting couch. For the amount of handwringing and gnashing of teeth on the right, you would think Barack Obama had just declared himself president for life and outlawed the Republican Party. It turned out that, for them, it was something almost as horrifying: Congressman Keith Ellison had appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox ”News” Network program. And he was mean to Sean. Hannity was doing his usual fact-free smearing of Obama, playing a montage of edited, out-of-context clips of Obama blaming the sequester on Republicans. Continue Reading →

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