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Police show some lives matter


This crazy dangerous brother opened fire inside a motel room in one of our most lovely areas to visit: Phoenix. The brother killed a man and wounded two women before shooting three more innocent people. The brother tried to show his tracking skills to elude police in an exhaustive chase (the police were the ones tired) that ended up with the brother being taken in alive. Continue Reading →

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Calling speech dialect ‘ignorant’ blocks Black learning


Black children are harmed in first through seventh grades when language formed by listening to loved ones and community and their identity is said to be wrong by teachers. Black children develop this cognitive monitoring of speech. This makes Black children unwilling to speak and causes learning problems, including criminal acts into their teen years. Teachers often fail to let Black students teach them vernacular language. If Black students can teach the teacher, students may translate lessons into their own dialect, thus allowing an understanding between cultural groups. Continue Reading →

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President Obama and flip flop Republicans

I don’t care how anyone tries to butter up the words, President Obama’s administration negotiated indirectly or directly with terrorists for the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. I write about double-minded Democrats (see my column regarding Democrats and photo I.D. when it comes to Somalis) and I will write about double-minded Republicans. Before this coward’s release Republicans were prodding Obama to do all he could for this runaway who left his fellow platoon members alone. Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) urged the administration to “do all it can” to ensure Bergdalhl’s (I’ll call him coward) return, only to say today that a prisoner swap would hype up the terrorists. Continue Reading →

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Dispelling the myths: when you can’t shoot home intruders

It was in 2013 on Channel 9 news, when this columnist and permit-to-carry-gun instructor advised the public that Byron Smith used excessive force when shooting and killing two teens that broke into his home on a Thanksgiving evening. I remember telling the public (as I teach in my permit-to-carry class) that unlike defending yourself in public, defending yourself in your home offers more protection in that one does not have to retreat in one’s home as one may have an obligation to retreat in public. As this columnist mentioned, while one does not have to retreat in his/her home, one condition applies to any situation, whereby deadly force is needed to protect against imminent fear of great bodily harm or death and condition is very clear. When the subject is down and no longer presents a threat the use of deadly force ends. Simply. Continue Reading →

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Black law-abiding citizens’ with guns: Why not?


I have been teaching a permit-to-carry-a-gun class as of the passing of the law in the state of Minnesota. Why is it that White people seem to respect my teaching the class, while many Blacks think that I am crazy, or intellectually challenged? I have had an increased number of Black women taking my class for reasons such as home invasions, street assaults, and robberies in their small businesses. Many of these women tell me that their friends and relatives tell them that they are crazy (a few other names have been used) for taking my basic gun lessons and obtaining a permit to carry a gun in public. Black men take my class because they want to protect their families while out in public. Continue Reading →

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Black fitness equals improved Black performance

I am not going to be kind with my use of words for fear of hurting your feelings. So, if you’re overweight put on your blinders, which is what I do driving through our neighborhoods seeing overweight people. I am talking about overweight people that do not exercise, smoke, use drugs, drink and — when not doing these killer activities — sit around in front of the television playing video games, or watching your favorite show eating cookies and drinking pop. In the malls, in public, schools, work, wherever, I see people so fat it makes one wonder how they manage to do simple things like use the toilet with their butts hanging over the toilet seats, hardly able to walk, stand up, and are unable to walk 60 feet without breathing hard. I am talking about Black people. Continue Reading →

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Somali growth is a Democrat nightmare

I want to take this moment to recognize the Somali brothers and sisters for arriving in Minneapolis, not making excuses, working hard and learning Minneapolis politics. Many of you underestimated the intellect of our Somali brothers and sisters to rise up, including one Rep. Phyllis Kahn. I have learned that the W3-P6 caucus has rescheduled their caucus after the rising Somali population in that precinct had a powerful influence by the Somali community on their caucus night recently. It appears that Democrat party Chairman Ken Martin is playing his “I am in charge of the Minneapolis Plantation” by flexing his whip by deciding to hold another meeting outside the precinct, thus, avoiding high-Somali turnout to protect Rep. Kahn. The Democrats are turning back the clock on voting rights, disrespecting the many Blacks that have died for our right to vote by requiring caucus attendees to present a form of Voter ID to prove eligibility participation. Continue Reading →

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Blacks must not play double standards







“My intention was not malicious, but I broke the ground rule that families are off limits. For that I am sorry.” — MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry. So, she is off the hook with the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, ACLU and the rest of the “Let’s get Dan Zimmerman” crew? Can you imagine if one of the FOXNEWS conservatives, such as Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter or Glenn Beck, said the following on their TV shows? Let’s pretend the headlines would read “Rush Limbaugh in his creative wisdom was only (only, to minimize his actions) joking about a Romney family photo, which included their adopted African American grandson, Kieran James Romney. Continue Reading →

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Black America must challenge harmful Democrat actions

In response to my column about what I believe to be the harms to Black Americans because of the Obama Care implementation, a woman with the initials P.N. called and told me that she has lost her insurance after eight years. With her old plan she paid $108 a month without a deductable. The woman now has to pay about $108 each month with a six thousand dollars deductable. Here is her reward of Obama Care. MnSURE advised the woman that they would continue her policy, but only if she would reduce her work hours to about 20 hours each week. Continue Reading →

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Obama Care, or Kennedy Care? Our president was used

Because President Obama is Black does not mean we can’t disagree and challenge poor policies. Liberal news media report daily that Obama had a bad week. How in the world can the president have a bad week living in the White House, having a private jet, servants, cooks and people that walk his little black doggy? People attacking his failing Obama Care sign-up-now act, both Republicans and Democrats, including Bill Clinton, indicates he lied to the people, and liberals call that a bad week for Obama. Oh yea, it’s okay for Bill Clinton to break ranks and say Obama needs to keep his promise to the American people. Continue Reading →

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