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Top five things you need to know about money

By Mike Rothman and Darryl Dahlheimer

Contributing Writers


According to the 2012 Financial Capability study, a majority of adults do not have adequate savings in the event of a financial emergency or to meet long-term goals such as college or financial security in retirement. The Minnesota Department of Commerce is providing tips to Minnesotans to help them protect their finances and gain control of their money. “Financial products are becoming more complex, making financial decisions that much harder for consumers,” said Commissioner Mike Rothman. “The Commerce Department is here to help Minnesotans make smart decisions for a secure financial life.”

Commissioner Rothman is launching a financial literacy blog, “Commerce Sense,” that will feature tips and guidance on financial literacy and highlight scams and pitfalls to avoid. Darryl Dahlheimer, a program director for Lutheran Social Services Financial Counseling, joins Commissioner Rothman in offering the top five tips to help Minnesotans concerning their finances. Continue Reading →

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