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The Whole Gritty City promotes dialogue on youth engagement

Participants encouraged by young people’s resilience, desire to ‘step up’
 By Charles Hallman, Staff Writer
Young people still need encouragement, especially during turbulent times. This was the impetus behind last week’s free screening of a documentary about New Orleans at Oak Park Youth and Family Center. “Showing the film served a two-fold purpose,” explained Pillsbury United Communities [PUC] Parent Network Manager Edwin Irwin on The Whole Gritty City, the 90-minute documentary following three New Orleans all-Black marching bands — two high schools (O. Perry Walker and L.E. Rabouin) and The Roots of Music, a new middle-age children’s band — as they prepared for a Mardi Gras performance. The film aired nationally in February 2014 as a two-hour special hosted by Wynton Marsalis on CBS’s 48 Hours Presents: THE WHOLE GRITTY CITY. Continue Reading →

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Black suspensions more than double other students’ in suburban schools


Hopkins students feel disrespected by school officials

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer



On April 26, Black Hopkins high school students walked out during the school’s last hour of the day. They complained of unfair treatment when it comes to disciplinary issues. “We want equality. We are here for an education,” says Junior Malika Musa, who co-organized the protest with fellow 11th-grader Maray Singleton. “[School officials] are not really trying to acknowledge that we have these problems and that we need to change,” adds Singleton. Continue Reading →

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