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Hobbes holds nothing back in ‘what’s on my mind’ tell-all — MSR contributor publishes collection of essays, columns


A book review
By Marcie Rendon

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Something I Said: Essays on Domestic Abuse, Rape, Relationships and Other Critical Social Issues (Papyrus Publishing, Inc.) is a collection of previously published commentaries and essays by Dwight Hobbes. He is a man who on one hand throws down hardcore thoughts faster than most folks dare to think them and then, in typical Dwight Hobbes fashion, confounds it all by dedicating his book to the two purring kitties that have wrapped their tails around his heart. Like Richard Pryor on his recording Is It Something I Said?, Hobbes sets out to confront the reader, awake the reader, and if the reader doesn’t wake up fast enough, slap the reader across the head with words until the reader sits up and asks incredulously, “Did this guy just write what I think he wrote?” And no matter the reaction of the reader, Hobbes keeps writing. The essays in his book are culled from various publications over a 20-plus-year career of writing everything from plays, articles, columns, poetry and songs to performing on his guitar. Continue Reading →

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