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Blacks most likely to be long-term unemployed

But less likely to get unemployment insurance benefits 

For Black workers, it’s a one-two punch to their economic security: Blacks are not only disproportionately more likely than Whites or Hispanics to experience long-term unemployment, they are less likely than Whites to benefit from unemployment insurance (UI), a new report from the Urban Institute’s Unemployment and Recovery project shows. Even when taking into account differences in education, past employment, and reasons for unemployment, there is an eight percent gap in the receipt of UI benefits between Whites versus Blacks and Latinos. African Americans, 11.6 percent of the labor force in February, were 22.9 percent of those unemployed for more than six months. Latinos were 15.7 percent of the labor force but 18.1 percent of the long-term unemployed. The comparable figures for Whites were 72.7 and 59.1 percent, respectively. Continue Reading →

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