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If Mark Henderson had been White, he’d be alive


Those in control do an injustice to us all when they do not address the race factor when it comes to the killing of 19-year-old Mark E. Henderson, Jr. by three Woodbury police officers. No one will heal when taking this end-around approach. Let us get it out in the open, force a discussion. Henderson is dead because he was a young Black man, not because the Grand Jury review said “the three police officers acted properly when they shot and killed him” on August 31 at the Red Roof Inn (Star Tribune, January 25). He is dead because most of us, including the three police officers, cannot entertain the thought, imagine or comprehend that there could have been a young Black male hostage who was not a threat — not connected to the kidnapper’s behavior, though they were both Black — but terrified and running for his life. Continue Reading →

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