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Big Ten Network head talks about covering women’s sports

During “Hockey Day in Minnesota” in October, announcing the first seasons of two new college hockey conferences, the MSR sat down with Big Ten Network (BTN) President Mark Silverman and talked about his network’s coverage of women’s sports. “You know what my answer is going to be,” began Silverman, “and I know you know the answer, but I appreciate you letting me answer. Our goal is to represent all of our 12 — soon to be 14 — schools, achieve gender equity…between all of our platforms between men and women, [and] generate profitability and growth. “As of now, the amount of an audience that we can generate for basketball and football, and “The Journey” [a season-long inside look at Big Ten men’s teams in the two sports] make it a financially successful endeavor.”

In case you are not paying close attention, Silverman was essentially saying that women’s sports aren’t a moneymaker for BTN. Men’s sports primarily make the cash register ring like the angel bell on It’s a Wonderful Life, while as far as women’s sports are concerned it’s Simon and Garfunkel — the sounds of silence. Continue Reading →

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Upcoming TV show to address media neglect of women’s sports

Almost half of all athletes are women, but not even five percent are shown in this country’s media. This is expected to be discussed in the upcoming U of M Tucker Center-TPT2 co-produced Media Coverage and Female Athletes on Channel 2 this Sunday, December 1, at 7 pm. Tucker Center Associate Director Nicole LaVoi told the MSR during her group’s 20th-year celebration in October that the show features interviews with academic types, coaches, players and the media. Sadly, this longtime women’s sports reporter wasn’t contacted, but if I had been I would have easily pointed to these examples:

Only two women’s games were shown on ESPN’s college basketball 24-hour tip-off live telecasts despite the availability of three of their eight channels for use during that time. Fox Sports North shows every Timberwolves game live and replays them at least twice afterwards but annually only shows six Minnesota Lynx games — with no repeats. Continue Reading →

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