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Make Black people more marketable by building our brand

By Marquis Rollins

Guest Commentator


During your daily commute today, if you were to stop at any Mom & Pop’s convenience store in the nation, you would find it. To locate it requires a search because it has yet to be considered to have any significance at all. Abandoned by consumers for its lack of potential and stocked by storekeepers at the very bottom of the shelf because it has no appeal, there it sits — the undesirable brand. Although this product promises to be everything that society would want in a product, it fails to deliver the objective. The label is cheap, the ingredients questionable, and no matter the expiration date, one would assume that it could potentially go bad any day. Continue Reading →

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Finding our heroes


By Marquis Rollins

Contributing Writer


One morning the other day as I prepared to eat my breakfast — Danish accompanied by a cup of well-prepared coffee — I stared at the journalists on the local news station as he talked on television about a recent display of heroism shown by a particular individual. He had saved the life of a young child who had fallen into a lake and was drowning. The family of the child did a brief interview explaining how fortunate their son was to have this man around to save the day, and how grateful they were for his amazing efforts. Now once this particular news clip was over and left behind in history as a memorable event, a thought came to mind. I asked myself, “Who are today’s heroes in the Black community, and why aren’t they being recognized as such?” My thoughts led me to assume that the reason why we aren’t patting the back of such a being in our community is because we aren’t taking any inventories that would allow us to identify what that hero looks or sounds like. Continue Reading →

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