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This letter is in response to Don Allen’s “Has Obama failed?” (MSR July 24-30, 2014)


Many Black Americans were disenfranchised and seeking entitlement when Barack Obama went into office in 2008 and that situation is unchanged in 2014. So the plight of a lot of Black Americans cannot have a President Obama connection. After the slaves were freed following the Emancipation Proclamation decree of 1863, they virtually had two directions in which to follow: (1) go back to Africa from whence they came, or (2) in order to establish a modicum of autonomy, assimilate into the “Democratic” process in order to alleviate their personal distemper. They chose to permeate into what they hoped to be adjudicated territory. But no matter how you cut it, that distemper never changed and is not about to any time soon. Continue Reading →

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Matthew Little: a selfless servant

By Maurice J. Rhodes

Contributing Commentator


Exponent: ally. Matthew Little was a visionary who sought out to right the injustices that curtailed the advancement of his people. Although he helped achieve many of the civil rights landmarks that are still pertinent in the welfare of today’s society, what I will also remember him for is his style and grace. He was a selfless man who believed that the ability to listen far outweighed the need for adjunct subjectivity. I read his column religiously in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder because he recognized what was beneficial to the cause and articulated it with insightfulness, passion and candor. Continue Reading →

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