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Laughing to keep from crying

Have you ever wondered why someone is always playing around? You know, someone who never seems to be serious about anything, that cousin, friend or sibling you have that just can’t stop clowning. Is it just plain annoying? Or have you ever been in a down mood and needed a good laugh from a movie or TV show? By now, many have heard the saying, “I guess one must laugh to keep from crying.”

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The healing effect of cooking is in the hand of the preparer

Salut a los espíritus of this house and the espiritu que abre las puertas,” (greetings to the spirits of this house and the spirit that opens doors), I said as I entered the small one-bedroom apartment of my spiritual godfather from Cuba. Kneeling down to greet Elegua, the gatekeeper of the crossroads in Cuban Santeria, whom by custom sits behind the front door, I saluted the ancestral spirits that dwell in, guard and protect my godfather’s home. Sitting down on the sofa, while remaining still, and very conscious of my body language, I listened while my godfather began to conduct the ritual of welcoming me into the space. “Mafarefun,” he said to each of his personal ancestors and the ancestors of the Yoruban tradition. “Mitchelle aa-quita,” (Michelle is here) he said. Continue Reading →

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