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Get mental illness out of the shadows

President Obama hosted a summit June 3 in which he called for mental illness to come out of the shadows. With the increased concerns about the role of mental illness in the perpetrators of mass violence, questions are being raised about the adequacy and availability of mental health resources. Over 54 million Americans experience symptoms of a mental health disorder in any given year, but current estimates are that only about 60 percent of those receive needed services. A variety of factors contribute to the low utilization of mental health services, including stigma, being uninsured or underinsured, and lack of awareness. President Obama has called for education and training about mental health. Continue Reading →

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How does racism cause mental illness?

As we closed out the month of May, the DSM-5 was being released. The DSM-5 is mental health’s equivalent to the Bible. There has been a lot of discussion about addressing racism as a precursor to mental illness, more particularly to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Recently, Dr. Monnica Williams wrote an article for Psychology Today on this very subject. According to Dr. Williams, “Similar to rape victims, race-related trauma victims may respond with disbelief, shock or dissociation, which can prevent them from responding to the incident in a healthy manner. Continue Reading →

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Mental illness of gun control: Weapons bans make no sense

By Donald Allen

Guest Commentator


Never in the history of weapons has a handgun, assault rifle or a sharp blade randomly picked a crowded group of bystanders and killed at will. I think we agree that for an act of senseless murder by weapon, human intervention is necessary. But misguided education on guns and the left-wing political assault on the Second Amendment has clouded the origin of gun violence and replaced it with an abhorrent political platform. Mass shootings has led U.S. lawmakers to introduce new soft-tissue laws that focus on keeping guns out of the hands of felons. Points in case, felons are not the problem. Continue Reading →

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