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St. Cloud: Mayor’s racism apology was damage control-driven, not remorse








By Myrle B. Cooper and Michael A. Davis

Guest Commentators


Last January, St. Cloud mayor Dave Kleis admitted in belated, childish and insultingly simplistic terms the community’s well-documented “158” years of carefully ignored “race-related failures.” Kleis’ “Oops, our bad” admission received genuflections from Stockholm syndrome victims.

Suspicious Twin Cities Blacks assume damage control desperation. (“At MLK breakfast, St. Cloud mayor apologizes for past race-related failures,” St. Cloud Times, January 20, 2014, “Acknowledging the city’s ‘devastating’ history may help it leave ugly past behind,” Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder, February 20, 2014. Continue Reading →

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Minnesota injustice

By Lovell Oates

Contributing Writer

Conclusion of a two-part column

Last week, four of six facts of innocence, this week the concluding two. Fifth, my appeals attorney Michael Davis, was informed of all the above facts [in last week’s column] and was told that I needed to see the brief before placing it into the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Yet it was submitted without me reading it first. And when this was mentioned to him, he stated that he didn’t know any rule that required that. But it’s called being a consumer. Continue Reading →

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Dr. Mahmoud Saffari:



By Charles Hallman, Staff Writer

and Jerry Freeman, Senior Editor 


Last October 13, the MSR reported on protests by several hundred students and faculty at St. Cloud State University over the firing of a top administrator of color, Dr. Mahmoud Saffari, the SCSU former associate vice president for enrollment management. Hired in 2003, he brought significantly greater racial diversity to the admissions and recruitment office and to the university as a whole during his nearly nine-year stint until he was let go in September. University officials have declined to comment on the reasons for his firing, citing the Data Privacy Act. Dr. Saffari has been equally silent — until now. Continue Reading →

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