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African American boys pushed into the disciplinary gap


Panelists attribute stereotyping  for high suspension rates

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


The African American Males in Education Advisory (AAMEA), a Minnesota Minority Education Partnership committee, is exploring ways to address disproportionate discipline and suspension rates for Black male students. “It’s a group of 10 educators, community members and student advisory groups — all under the Minnesota Minority Education Partnership,” explained Brandon Royce-Diop, who facilitated a May 19 day-long forum at the Urban Research and Outreach Engagement Center (UROC) in North Minneapolis. He points out that the “disciplinary gap” is as much a problem as other more discussed educational disparities. “We want to bring the community together…to figure out how we can corroborate and actually come up with some action steps to start to resolve this issue,” proclaimed Royce-Diop. He added that accountability must exist to ensure that “policy and practice” are consistent. Continue Reading →

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MSR staffer one of two Legal Rights Center honorees


James L. Stroud, Jr. and Willa Gelvick were named Volunteers of the Year by the Legal Rights Center (LRC). The

awards were presented at the LRC’s annual holiday gathering on December 16. Stroud is a contributing writer/photographer and account executive with the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder (MSR). He has provided investigation services for the LRC as a volunteer since September 2010. Willa Gelvick is an attorney who began assisting with LRC cases in February 2011. Continue Reading →

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